Employee Self Service

CBIZ Payroll Now Offers the Employee Self Service feature of  Payentry.comtm

This system provides secure and easy access to your payroll and human resources information via the Internet.

How Does This Feature Work?

Employees will be able to access their account with ease. A standard report is generated at your location by your payroll administrator to provide notification of enrollment to employees and provide them with details on accessing their account. The URL/web address to access the system, username, and password will be provided to each employee.

What are the Benefits to my Employees?

Employees can view Employee Information:

  • Contact Information- View name, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Position and Earnings- Home dept., employment status, position, earnings, and reviews
  • Deductions- All medical and other deductions withheld from pay
  • Taxes- Federal, state and local taxes withheld from pay
  • Direct Deposit- Includes bank accounts where pay is automatically deposited
  • Accruals- Includes vacation, sick time or other benefits that build up over time
  • Pay History- View previous checks received, including a year-to-date summary

Employees can view Company Information:

  • Contact Information- View company contact information including mailing address and contact person
  • Company Directory- Browse or search all employees in the company, a single employee or get a list of some or all employees

How do I begin?

Contact your Sales Representative today!