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Dramatically improve operational efficiency with employee benefit and insurance administration from CBIZ. Your employees need fast, accurate answers to their questions. CBIZ benefit and insurance administration planners streamline your HR employee-specific operations to save you time and money. Our benefit and insurance planners offer technology solutions that give your employees the access to benefits information and flexibility they want - and the cost and administrative savings that you want in order to run your business more effectively.

Learn more about employee benefit and insurance administration from CBIZ. Find out about online enrollment at, employee management, benefits and insurance, benefits consulting and payroll outsourcing solutions from CBIZ today.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note.

Sometimes when people help us, we appreciate it and sort of take it for granted.  Many times we say thanks and that’s all.  But, most of the time, this thanks for something well done never gets communicated to one’s supervisors.  So, I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation and thanks for the extra effort put in by Jodi this week in helping us out in a couple of situations.  I don’t know Dan’s email address, or I would have copied him also.

So, thanks again to all you folks at CBIZ who are always there to help us.  Good service is a rare thing these days.


Mike Hagberg
John Ryan

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