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Employee Benefit and Insurance Administration

Dramatically improve operational efficiency with employee benefit and insurance administration from CBIZ. Your employees need fast, accurate answers to their questions. CBIZ benefit and insurance administration planners streamline your HR employee-specific operations to save you time and money. Our benefit and insurance planners offer technology solutions that give your employees the access to benefits information and flexibility they want - and the cost and administrative savings that you want in order to run your business more effectively.

Learn more about employee benefit and insurance administration from CBIZ. Find out about online enrollment at, employee management, benefits and insurance, benefits consulting and payroll outsourcing solutions from CBIZ today.

Since 1996, Consolidated Graphics Group has been using accounting, group insurance, and retirement planning services from CBIZ. In 2001, Consolidate Graphics deepened its relationship with CBIZ by adding CBIZ’s payroll services to the mix.

”Building a profitable relationship is all about priorities. First and foremost, a successful partner has to focus on doing what it does best. As a graphic arts center operating in a competitive environment, we do a lot more than printing: we pride ourselves on the ability to offer a total solution. But if our core competency suffers, so does everything else. After a customer learns that he can depend upon consistently high quality, job after job, then he can begin to appreciate all of our other strengths. This is how profitable relationships are built – from the ground up.”

Ken Lanci
Chairman and Founder, Consolidated Graphics Group

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