RAC Services

CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC (CBIZ) has the innovative solutions and services for the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC).  With our expertise in clinical coding and documentation, Medical Denials and appeals, Patient Accounting and Health Information Management, CBIZ's comprehensive approach to the RAC will help providers assess areas of risk and identify systems and practices that will lead to better outcomes and even additional revenue opportunities.  Our full-service suite of RAC solutions involves RAC Audit Preparation, Auditing and Clinical Reviews, RAC Education and RAC Appeal Preparation.

Core Services

  • The RAC R4 Reports provide the diagnostic blueprint for understanding your hospital's exposure to the RAC.  Utilizing our expertise in data analysis and our proprietary benchmarking capability, The RAC R4 Reports  provide a comprehensive financial and operational assessment of RAC exposure for facilities and health systems of all sizes. CBIZ will identify the areas for immediate attention, based on our risk assessment models and provide you with the long-term operational gains that will minimize exposure to the RAC. Our team of clinical experts in inpatient coding and medical necessity will review the findings with you.  The R4 Reports is the ideal RAC audit preparation.

  • The Medical Record and Clinical Appropriateness Review  is a targeted audit that focuses only on the cases that have the highest exposure for RAC recoupments.   The review examines coding and medical necessity and is given by certified coders, and nurses with additional expertise in case management and Medicare Denials.

  • CBIZ’s RAC On-site Education provides a clear understanding of the mission of the RAC as well as specific targets and tactics of the RAC recoupment process.  A multi-disciplinary team of the CBIZ’s consultants will provide RAC Issues and Strategies Education to the departmental leadership of selected clinical and revenue cycle-focused departments.  CBIZ also provides a specific physician RAC education led by a physician with experience in RAC clinical documentation.

  • CBIZ’s Web-based RAC Education is an ideal platform for multi-hospital systems, facilities with many locations or education sessions designed for dozens or even hundreds of hospital physicians or officials.  CBIZ with work with you to design, implement and (if desired) test hospital personnel to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the crucial RAC policies, history and procedures. 

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