The CBIZ Revenue Defender

Reduce Compliance Risk * Improve Revenue

The CBIZ Revenue Defender is a unique, proactive solution that reduces your compliance risk and keeps your revenue. Screening your facility's 835/837 data, It identifies compliance problems and helps fix them before they become much larger issues. In addition, the Revenue Defender selects specific claims that will help lead to additional revenue for your faciliy.

The Revenue Defender's targeted approach looks to only improve what needs improving. After identifying areas for improvement, CBIZ creates a unique action plan for your facility to help correct problems and monitor them to ensure that they stay corrrected.

There are five components of the Revenue Defender: screening, action plan, education, benchmarking and monitoring. With this approach, your hospital will have a consistent method to make significant gains in reducing compliance issues and receiving your entitiled revenue. The Revenue Defender will mesh seamlessly with your existing internal audit program.

For more information about the Revenue Defender, click here. To get started, contact us at 609-918-0990.

Welcome to CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC

Customized Healthcare Solutions * Enhanced Operations * Experienced Service

CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC (CBIZ) has been assisting hospitals and healthcare systems with the intricacies of reimbursement since 1978. Throughout our history, we have focused on helping our clients navigate the complexity of both governmental and commercial-payment models with the dual goals of optimizing revenue and achieving compliance. Our extensive knowledge base and years of industry experience provide a blueprint for clinical decision making, data analysis and documentation — the backbone for a successful hospital or health system.

Our unique perspective on operations management puts us in the position to better identify, address and overcome the roadblocks that providers face in achieving appropriate payment and reimbursement. We do not just identify the problem; we provide solutions. We work with all stakeholders, including hospital administrators and directors, government regulators, commercial payors and patients, to improve our clients’ financial performance. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to consulting, offering instead a customized blending of products and services to fulfill the needs of our clients.

At CBIZ we assist our clients in identifying problems and fixing them. This approach has led to the development of long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have continued to utilize our services for the last 36 years.



The new CBIZ Revenue Screening Tool (CBIZ RST) will tell you how healthy your revenue is. Looking at ten key metrics, the CBIZ RST determines how much revenue a provider is leaving on the table or much much revenue might have to be repaid. Each area reviewed incorporates a score, with either an opportunity or risk amount identified. The CBIZ RST provides quick, actionable information and it is affordable for all acute-care hospitals and health systems. For more information, click here.